I attended George Street School of Art in Dumfries and obtained my HND in Art and Design. Whilst at college I was introduced to many different subjects and techniques but the one I kept coming back to was printmaking and decided this was the way forward for my art.

My favourite techniques are reduction lino cuts and etchings, but I also enjoy Japanese Woodblock printing.
Reduction lino cuts use the same piece of lino for each print and each different layer is cut from the same piece of lino, thereby reducing it as the piece progresses.
My etchings are made using non-toxic etching solutions and I prefer using an aluminium plate, as this gives a tonal softness called aquatinting without the need to prepare the plate first.
For my woodblocks I follow the Japanese printing method, which uses watercolour paint instead of ink. The wood is artists grade plywood as this gives a good clean cut.

As part of my college course we were asked to make an artists book. These books are usually hand made, follow no rules and are as interesting and varied as the artists imagination. I used all my printmaking experience to make my first book, which then lead to more and I started being more adventurous with styles and bindings.

I developed a love of old maps whilst on a bookmaking course and started collecting old Bartholomew's maps. I use copies of these in a range of work, including origami.