About me

I have lived in South West Scotland for over 20 years and love this lowland location with its beautiful beaches and rolling hills.

I attended George Street School of Art in Dumfries and obtained my HND in Art and Design. Whilst at college I was introduced to many different subjects and techniques but the one I kept coming back to was printing and decided this was the way forward for my art. We were asked for one of our briefs to make a book and so I used all my printmaking experience to make my first book, 'Time and Tide', depicting the daily ebb and flow of a shoreline in summer.

This then lead to my next two books, one about the harbour at Kirkcudbright, and the other about Pittenweem in Fife, another stunning coastal location. I usually write little rhymes to accompany my artwork, although one of my books, 'Scallop Shell Journal' has blank pages for your thoughts and sketches.

I love making books because they can be as varied and interesting as ones imagination. I tend to make each one as different as possible and have even made a tiny pop-up book based on William Wordswoth's 'Daffodil' poem

My interest in printmaking and my need to create have been fulfilled in these hand- made books which, although time consuming to make, are very satisfying.

I also have a jewellery range inspired by the coastline. I design and hand-make my pieces using glass which is then fused in a kiln. I also produce pieces based on lace, inspired by memories of my Gran.