Artists Books

At Art College, for one of our briefs, we had to design a book based on Life Drawing, and put it in a box. I made a book using cloth and free style sewing on my machine, and placed this in a ceramic box made to look like a medieval book. I called this project 'Book of Vows' and learned so much about the book making process that at the next opportunity I chose to use all the printmaking techniques I’d learned to make my next Artist Book, ‘Time and Tide’. This firmly confirmed my fascination for making artists books.
Other books followed, and I decided to be more experimental with my binding and covers. For example, ‘Scallop Shell Journal' has two handmade ceramic shell covers, is bound using coptic binding and has pages cut with a laser cutter.

Many of the pages from each of my books can be viewed by clicking on the image below or on the menu.

I have also made books to go along with my 'Hidden Truth' art project, based on replies received since 2013, compiled in volumes.

If you would like to purchase a particular book, please click on its image below.